Week #7: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 13s        animal sheet
Timeline Jesus the Messiah-touch middle finger to both palms, hands up

Year 1 AD

Pentecost and the Early Church- fire on your head

Persecution Spreads the Gospel-flat palm down on fist

Herod’s Temple Destroyed by Titus-fist staked on top of each other, the burn down

Diocletian Divides the Roman Empire- SL ‘D’ swing down, SL ‘R’ for Rome, over mouth (to show division of languages)

Constantine Legalizes Christianity-hold up your arm like a shield, turn it into a cross

India’s Gupta Dynasty-gather up all the empires, explode into one empire

History Sentence Hinduism- thumb and middle finger on each hand are touching, shaking motion

developed around 1500 BC-both hands, back and forth

and is known for karma,-SL ‘K’

reincarnation,- palm up flat Left, right palm on top. Slide Right palm off, stand on 2 fingers on top of flat left hand

and the caste system. –  draw lines in air

Buddhism: hands overlapping in front of your body with both palms up (as is familiar with the poses of statues of Buddha)

Founded in the sixth century BC, – 6 on hands

Buddhism teaches self-denial- point to your chest, then fist in downward motion

as the path to enlightenment. – hand up to head, jazz hands near head

Latin                           Singular        plural                3rd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -various      -es

Genitive                -is                -um

Dative                   -i                  -ibus

Accusative            -em              -es

Ablative                -e                 -ibus

English In – left hand makes cup, put puppet “in”

Inside & Into – copy in

Like – left hand on hip, right pointer finger up

Near –puppet leans in toward you

Science What are some ways animals reproduce?   Tune of Frere Jaques on CCC:ACarter85

Live birth-rock baby, Eggs-egg shape with hands


Budding-open hands like flower, slide one arm up

Geography Roman Empire   Poem by Italsness on CCC

Roman soldiers, boots are marching, Roman soldiers playing ball

Kick the ball to Hispania, toss it up to Gaul

Throw it up to Germania, please don’t let it fall!

Oops! I lost my ball in Alexandria, at the bottom of the Sea,

I followed the seashore to the left, Carthage is where it will be!

Fine Arts till 10:30

Introduce blankets- must stay on blanket while we are working on notes, parts, etc

Lap position, chin and mouth—Play Simon says with positions

What happens when we play out of turn?–we loose our whistle and get a pencil

Wore Wrist bands on left arm

Discussed cacophony-let them play 5 seconds

Parts of a tin whistle

Played first two measures of Twinkle, Twinkle

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Mystery Child’s name: Phen Drago

Science till 11:30

Nature Walk-let’s use our five senses to help us

Nature Four-In-a-Row

Review till 12:00

Week #6 Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 11s     animal sheets

Skip count the 12s

Timeline ….Alexander the Great….

India’s Mauryan Empire-arms out straight like a road

Mayans of Mesoamerica-square pyramid steps

Punic Wars-sway like you are being pulled by two people

Rome Conquers Greece-SL ‘R’ slam into palm, then SL ‘G’

Roman Dictator Julius Caesar-salute, and stab

Caesar Augustus and the Pax Romana, SL ‘C’ and peace sign turned into ‘R’

John the Baptist-stilt arms like you are dunking someone

History Sentence Tell me about some ancient Greeks.

Homer, a famous poet;-close your eyes and write

Pythagoras, a famous mathematician;-count on fingers

Socrates, a famous philosopher;-middle finger to forehead and away

And Archimedes, a famous inventor, -shaping clay into ball with hands

Shaped Western ideas.-point to both temples and move head back and forth

Ancient Greek city-states –two thumbs over shoulders

were among the first-one finger

democracies. –SL for democracy

Latin                           Singular         plural                2nd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -us               -i

Genitive                -i                 -orum

Dative                   -o                 -is

Accusative            -um              -os

Ablative                -o                 -is

English Down – point down to the ground

During – wavy hand up to the left

Except – slash in front of you

For – palm up

From – pull in puppet

Science What are the major groups of vertebrates? Old McDonald had a Farm






Geography Ancient Greece

Aegean Sea is a little teapot

Greece, Macedonia sit on top

Crete is the log floating in the sea

Rhodes is the island you can’t  see, make a dot!


Fine Arts till 10:30

Hot Air Balloons: small=choice, medium= mirror, large=abstract


Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Child’s name: WellsleyFavorite movie: Despicable Me

Favorite place to visit: Savannah

Funny story about them: Wellsley is very dramatic and full of expression! This always keeps us laughing and we never know what she is going to say or do!

Favorite thing about CC: Lunch

One way God made them special: Loves to laugh and always happy

Science till 11:30

Fooling Your Tongue #65 and Trickery #66

Question: Can we fool our five senses?

Research:  What are our five senses?

Hypothesis:  Can our sense of smell change the taste of our food?

Can we trick our eyes?

Experiment:  p.36

Analysis:  p.36

Conclusion: p.36




Review till 12:00

Week #5: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 9s                                      animals number sheet, skittles

Skip count the 10s

Timeline …Buddha

Judah falls to Babylon, Temple Destroyed-SL  ‘J’ falls, fist on top then apart

Babylon Falls to Persia-rock arms for Babylon, arms apart

Jews Return and Rebuild the Temple-wiggle fingers in, fist on top of each other

Roman Republic-SL ‘R’, twist

Golden Age of Greece-point up

Peloponnesian Wars-sword fight

Persia Falls to Alexander the Great-SL ‘P’ fall, strong arms, SL ‘great’

History Sentence


Tell me about the Romans.

The Roman Republic– SL ‘R’, twist

became the Roman Empire-hands up like a building

when Augustus-make A with hands

was crowned emperor–put the A on your head like a crown

in 27 BC.-2 and 7 on hands, sway

This was followed-motions hand to follow you

by the Pax Romana. –peace sign into SL ‘R’

In AD 286, the empire divided into the western and eastern empires– use previous empire sign and split hands to your sides

until Germanic barbarians defeated the western empire in AD 476. – hands on hips, then hit right hand into left

Latin                           Singular         plural                2nd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -us               -i

Genitive                -i                 -orum

Dative                   -o                 -is

Accusative            -um              -os

Ablative                -o                 -is

English Beside…Between – point right finger between your eyes

Beyond – point out with right finger as if pointing to something beyond you

But – pull in

By – next to shoulder

Concerning –lean head slightly to the left as if pondering something, point to temple

Science What are the major groups of invertebrates?   Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    Sponges-wringing out                                           CCC: sarahrobertson

    Stinging-cell animals-hands down, flick fingers

Flatworms-arm flat

Roundworms-circle hands                    Motions on YouTube by Elizabeth Pearce

Segmented worms-chop hands

Mollusks-clam shell

Sea Stars-one hand, fingers spread

Arthropods-both hands, flicking fingers

Geography Egyptian Empire

Egypt is touching two seas,

     The Nile River is long as can be,

     If you want to eat supper, switch Lower and Upper

     Nile River Delta sweeps toward the sea

Fine Arts till 10:30-Change one dimensional shapes into 3 dimension shapes

Snack/Presentations till 11:00           Me: presentation on Ellie Gray

Science till 11:30

Oily Feather #60

Question: Did you know that birds have oil on their feathers? Why do                                 they have oil on their feathers? Do you think the bird needs the                     oil on his feathers?

Research:  Books lead them to think about what pollution would do                              to feathers, what about soap?

Hypothesis:  What do you think will happen to the oil in the water?

Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use?

Analysis:  read p.33

Conclusion: read p.33


Tangled #61

Question: Is it easy to untangle yourself without using your hands?

Research:  Books lead them to think how sea animals can become                        trapped

Hypothesis:  I think it is easy or hard to get untangles without hands.

Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use?

Analysis:  read p.34

Conclusion: read p.34


Review till 12:00

Week #4: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 7s

Skip count the 8s

You should have received an animal chart for these numbers

Timeline *1,000 BC

Early Native Americans-arm forms mound

Israel Divides into Two Kingdoms-cut air down the middle, 2 fingers

Homer and Hesiod-close eyes and write

Rome Founded by Romulus and Remus- push down, SL R with both hands

Israel Falls to Assyria-SL ‘I’ falls

Assyria Falls to Babylon-SL ‘A’ falls

Loa-Tzu, Confucius, Buddha-left hand up, right hand up, touch pointer and thumb

History Sentence Tell me about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are:

Pyramids of Giza-triangle with hands

Hanging Gardens of Babylon-hang arms down with bent elbow, swing

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-pull and shoot arrow

Statue of Zeus at Olympia-crown

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus-cross arm over chest

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria-frame face and turn

Colossus of Rhodes-pose with one arm up and one on hip

Latin                           Singular         plural                 1st DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -a                  -ae

Genitive                -ae                 -arum               Chart with skittles

Dative                   -ae                 -is

Accusative            -am               -as

Ablative                -a                  -is

English Before – face right hand toward you and flip it around away from you quickly

Behind  – puppet behind other hand

Below  – turn hand palm down, puppet below

Beneath – move hands down more

Beside – hand straight up, puppet beside

Science What are some parts of a plant cell?  The More We Get Together, CCC User Sarahrobertson

Nucleus-point to brain

Cytoplasm-circle arms down


Mitochondria-strong arms

Cell Membrane-circle

Cell wall-mime wall

Chloroplasts-pow hands

Golgi bodies-drive

Geography Hittite Empire- you should have gotten a map

Asia Minor wore a black hat

Hattusa was his nose

Cyprus was his belly button

Arabian Desert was his toes

Fine Arts till 10:30

Roll and Draw Abstract Art

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

I presented a mystery bag. It’s an easy presentation. Place an item in the bag. Tell 3 things about it and let the class guess what it is.

Science till 11:30

Pollution #62

     Question: How does pollution happen?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about factories, people, etc

Hypothesis:  Do you think we can get rid of pollution once it’s in our


Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use? Color in

water, add water until can’t see the color

Analysis:  The food coloring was dark at first because the molecules

were close together and even though they got far enough

apart to become invisible we could still taste it in the


Conclusion: Even though pollution maybe spread out and hard to see

we can’t get rid of it completely. This affects animal life

far from the source of the pollution.


Review till 12:00–we played musical chairs

Week 3: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00 

Math used egg shakers to help us
Timeline Hinduism in India-draw caster lines

Phoenicians and the Alphabet- ABC SL

Olmecs of Mesoamerica-O in circle

Israelite Exodus and Desert Wandering- paint door, turn

Israelite Conquest and Judges-horn, hammer

Greek Dark Ages-cover face

Israel’s United Kingdom-3 fingers

History Sentence Tell me about the Greek and Roman gods

GREEK           ROMAN

Zeus                 Jupiter–crown

Hera                Juno—point to ring

Ares                 Mars—pull sword

Aphrodite        Venus—heart beat

Hermes            Mercury–run

Athena             Minerva—point to brain

Poseidon          Neptune–waves

Latin  Used a chart I found on CCC to help us learn these
English Along – puppet up arm

Amid  – point down in front of you

Among -point finger up small circle

Around – big circle over head

At  – rest puppet on your heart

Atop – on head

Science What are some parts of an animal cell?  Baa Baa Black Sheep  *modified but from

Nucleus                                                        Elizabeth Pearce on YouTube




Cell Membrane

Golgi bodies

Geography Hebrew Empire—Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes   Shelly Normand on YouTube




Sea of Galilee

Jordan River

Dead Sea

Science till 10:30

Blending #57

Question: How do animals protect themselves from predators?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about camouflage

          Hypothesis:  Do you think animal’s color can help to protect them?

          Experiment:  Outside-find pipe cleaner

          Analysis:  Was it easier to see the green or colored pipe cleaner?

Colors that look alike are harder to find. A white bunny is

hard to see when sitting in a field of snow and a green

snake would be hard to see in the grass.

          Conclusion: Color helps protect animals from predators.

 Ground Temperature #58

          Question: What can you tell me about the desert? How do animals live in the desert?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about burrows

          Hypothesis:  Why do you think animals in the desert dig burrows?

          Experiment:  Outside-observe temperatures

          Analysis:  The thermometer in the ground was cooler than the                                 thermometer on the grass. Ground temperature is cooler than surface temperture.

          Conclusion: Desert animals can burrow to stay cool.

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Fine Arts till 11:30

Bumble bee

Review till 12:00

Week 2: Taylor

Classical Conversations  Week: 2

New Grammar till 10:00

Timeline Seven Wonders of the Ancient World–7 with fingers

Patriarchs of Israel-SL for father

Hittites and Canaanites-swing a sword

Kush-pull back arrow

Assyrians–release arrow

Babylonians-rock a baby

China’s Shang Dynasty-bow

History Sentence Tell me about commandments 6-10.

Thou shalt…

6. not murder –use thumb and pull towards self

7. Not commit adultery –cross two fingers to show parents together

8.  not steal –grab three fingers

9. not bear false witness against thy neighbor   –cover face

10. not covet. –reach for things with graby hands

Latin I say, you say
Science What are the kingdoms of living things?

CCC user: deanne_615

English We use finger puppets so we are going most things with one hand

About – arm out to side

Above – point up with hand

Across  – bring hands in front of body

After – hand behind you

Against – push against puppet

Math Your child should have a number sheet in their bag to help review
Geography Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle

CCC User: kdhill02


Fine Arts till 10:30

Review OiLs

Mirror  Images: Greek Vases

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Working on speaking loudly

Science till 11:30

Scientific Method song: BINGO by CCC user: WoodyFamily5

Review till 12:00

Week 1: Taylor

Classical Conversations Week: 1

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Count by 1s-march

Skip Count by 2s by jumping on dots

Timeline Age of Ancient Empires-hands out to left and right, come together on empires

**creation to circa 450 AD

Creation and the Fall-circle in air, then down

The Flood and the Tower of Babel-rain going up with fingers and straight arms for tower

Mesopotamia and Sumer-rivers, coming down with hands

Egyptians-Egyptian arms

**3,000 BC

Indus River Valley Civilization- SL ‘I’ with fingers make valley

Minions and Mycenaeans—hands up, bull horns

History Sentence Tell me about commandments 1-5.

Thou shalt

1.    Have no other god’s before me.—shake 1 finger then point up

2.    Not make unto thee any graven image –two fingers together, bow

3.    Not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. –three fingers, cover mouth

4.    Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. – 4 fingers, make cross with arms

5.    Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord they God giveth thee.  SL for father & mother, hands out

Latin We used microphones to make these fun.
English A preposition relates a noun or pronoun to another word.

Cha, Cha, Cha

Science What are the classifications of living things?

CCC User: clangston. Classification chant

Geography Fertile Crescent Poem

Come and sail with me, on the Mediterranean Sea

Mesopotamia is to the right

Euphrates and Tigris River hug Sumer tight!


Fine Arts till 10:30

Fill in Basic oiLs sheet

Animal oiLs

Read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Draw Pigeon using oiLs

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

 Science till 11:30

CCC User: WoodyFamily5, BINGO Scientific Method Song


Baby Bean and Egg

Used the Book From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

Review till 12