Week 2


I am super excited to be with my class this Thursday. I was sad to miss last week but enjoyed my vacation and feel rested and ready for another school year. Please give your child a hug today, tell them it was from me, and that I’m ready to see them this Thursday!

I hope to present new grammar in ways that are simple yet fun and can help you at home to learn the new grammar each week. Please let me know if I can help you throughout the week in any way.

I love presentation time. The topic and content is up to you parents. I am eager to help with presentations each week in class and look forward to watching them grow in this area. It is such a precious time during presentations!

Please bring snack and water bottle each week.

Room Parents-

  • Please help me clear items from our table when necessary. For example, after geography, please take up maps and wipe them off. When science experiments are complete, please gather items and put away. Cleaning up after me and the kiddos will be different each week but if you’ll just be mindful of ways to help with cleaning, that would be awesome!

See you guys Thursday!!