Jill Cothran Week 1 Recap

History- we sang the Commandments 1-5

Science- we chanted the classifications of living things

Math-we recited our X1 and X2 math facts while keeping a beat with instruments

Latin- we sang the noun cases to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”

Timeline-we went through week 1 timeline and filled in the missing cards

English- we did a cha-cha dance to the preposition definition

Geography-we located areas of the Fertile Crescent

All weeks presentation topics Jill Cothran

Below is a list of suggested presentation topics for the year.

August 16 – The highlight(s) of my summer (bring pictures and/or souvenirs)
August 23National Roller Coaster Day Why do you like/dislike roller coasters? What is your experience (if any) with them? How many have you ridden and where?
August 30 – What’s your favorite book? Why? Give at least 3 reasons you like the book
September 6 – Pick a Greek or Roman God and tell us at least 3 things about them
September 20National Pizza and Fried Rice Day Teach us how to make something in the kitchen. Ex: Pizza, Fried Rice, etc.
September 27 – Tell us a Bible story in your own words that took place in Ancient Egypt
October 4 – Pick a major group of vertebrates and tell us at least 3 things about it
October 11 – Pick at least 3 things to tell us about the Roman Empire
October 18 – Pick a New Grammar Subject from week 8 to present
November 1 – Bring something in a bag. Describe it to us and see if we can guess what it is.
November 8 – Why are you homeschooled? 3 reasons you like and/or dislike being homeschooled?
November 15 – How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?
January 10 – The highlight(s) of my Christmas break (bring pictures or souvenirs)
January 17 – Pick a New Grammar Subject from week 13 to present
January 24 – Bring something you made at home this week and tell us 3 things about it
January 31 – Pick a country in the Middle East and use www.operationworld.org to tell us about it, specifically how we can pray for that country
February 7 – Bring something in a bag. Describe it to us and see if we can guess what it is.
February 21 – Teach us how to do something: a dance, a craft, a game, etc.
February 28 – Pick one of the Mound Builders to present on (Adena, Hopewell, Mississippians)
March 7 – Tell us about an instrument and/or demonstrate if you play one
March 14 – PIck one of the 6 Classic Canadian Pies (Flapper, Maple, Sugar, Apple, Tourtiere, Pecan) and tell us about it (origin and how it’s made)
March 21 – National Fragrance Day  What is your favorite fragrance? Origin? Medicinal Purposes?
April 4 – National Burrito Day If you could make your own burrito what would be in it? Sweet or Savory? Hard or Soft Shell? What would you call your burrito?
April 11 – Tell us at least 3 things you’re looking forward to about Summer break