Mrs.Jill Parent Letter Essentials

Dear Parents,

    I am so excited to have your students in Essentials!  We have 13 students in our class:

The Gals

Norah Johnson

Gretta Drago

Meri Drake Venturella

Isabella Holliday

Lola Mize

Gabrielle Dunagan

The Guys

Eddie Cothran

Lawson Nichols

Clint Dunagan

Branson Wilson

Isaiah Wilson

Calhoun Mize

Graer Kobylka

Please review these procedures with your students until our routine is established.

#1     Students need to be ready to begin class at 1:00, not arrive to class at 1:00

        (Moms need to be ready at 1:00 too)


#2    When students arrive they should get their shop ticket, pencil box, and take their notebooks  out of their bookbags.

#3    There will be an assignment on the board to work on each week after they arrive to class and have their supplies ready.


#4     Notebooks will stay in your students bookbags. All papers and handouts will be kept in the notebooks.  So please make sure yellow folders come to class each week.

Please know that Essentials is a class for you to learn so that you are equipped to go home and teach your students for the following week.  Hear me. I know it is 1:00. I know you have done foundations all morning and fed 1000 people for lunch.  I totally get it. However, it takes a village. We need to be engaged in the class which means we aren’t typing, chatting, texting, and scrolling.  So my challenge to you this year is to take the class and enjoy being a student again.

After class, we need to do the following:

  • Empty the cafe trashcan
  • Take supplies upstairs
  • Clean the girls bathroom
  • Reset the cafe         

Thanks in advance for all of your help!  I am super excited about this year and have already prayed for each student, the start of your school year and your new year in CC!  Always feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or funny stories!


                                        Jill Cothran

                                        2109 Willow Springs Road

                                        Anderson, SC 29621




Essentials Each Week



  1. Bring your white notebook
  2. Bring your Ancient History Writing Book
  3. Bring your SRP
  4. trivium tables

When you come to class………

  1. get your pencil box and supplies ready
  2. complete assignment on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom


Make sure you have your EEL and IEW materials with you