Week 5


Geography- Show me, tell me.

Egypt- Sign Language E on left hand, arm bent at elbow.

Nile River- Run finger along arm, Nile flows down through Africa

Upper/Lower Egypt- Point to lower arm and upper arm

Nile Delta- wiggle fingers on left hand

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.   Take 1 out and see if they can guess it.

Math- 9’s   Walk down a number line while singing (9, 18, 27, 36, 45 then turn around and go back)

10’s- Jumping Jacks, Giant Steps, Pencil Jumps


Between – point right finger between your eyes, left hand stays on hip

Beyond – point out with right finger as if pointing to something beyond you

But – stand up straight, straighten right palm out as if you are about to wave

By – turn right palm slightly in toward you to make it wave

Concerning – bring hands in to chest, clasped together and lean head slightly to the left as if pondering something

History- sang the song with motions

Latin– Presented our Latin lama story and remembering how the 2nd declension starts.  Also, we will work on pronouncing the endings correctly.


Sponges- prentend to wring out a sponge

Stinging cell animals- pointer finger into palm of other hand

Flat worms- flat hands

Round worms- hands in a circle

Segmented worms- chop hands in the air

Mollusks- pretend to swim

Sea Stars- jazz hands

Arthropods- hands together, wiggle fingers

Again, I used the tutorial from: https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/Taught about a horizon line and a vanishing point and then worked with them on drawing a Japanese Pagoda!

REVIEW-   4 Corners


Weeks 3 and 4

Hey families,  I want to note that I present a lot of different motions for the various memory work.  Please understand that this is the way I get the information into my own brain and remember it in a pinch.  However, I also realize that not everyone learns kinesthetically.  Please feel free to encourage your child to leave off the motions if they are simply distracting or not helping them learn the material.  ~Abbi

Week 3:             


Geography- We sang the places to the tune of the B-I-B-L-E.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!  For fives we put our hands in the middle and shouted 75 as we threw them over our heads.  (Think team huddle) For sixes we we danced.


Along – right hand moves down left arm

Amid  – point down in front of you

Among – point fingers up with elbows bent at sides, swirl fingers around quickly twice

Around – still pointing up, make slightly larger circles with fingers going more slowly this time

At  – clap hands in front of chest

Atop – pat head with right hand, left hand on hip


History- Motions:

Zeus: Crown

Hera: Scepter

Ares: sign for war

Aphrodite: hug self, bat your eyes

Hermes: Pretend to run

Athena: hands in a book

Poseidon: making waves with hand.

Latin– I am using Latin Lama to help us remember how each declension begins.  On his first birthday he jumped UP (Uh is first sound) when he saw his present.

Science– Sang to the tune of Yankee Doodle

Nucleus- arms in a circle

Cytoplasm- point to eyes

Vacuole- Pretend to Vacume

Mitochondria- Show muscles

Cell Membrane- arms in circle, arms act like a gate

Golgi Bodies- pretending to drive



This week we worked on their volume and projecting their voices.

We practiced upside down drawing by drawing the Mayan glyph for chocolate. This was a challenge for most of the students but they had fantastic attitudes and I was proud of their final drawings! I followed the tutorial found at: https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/ 

REVIEW-   Musical Chairs

Week 4: 


Geography- Show me, tell me.

*I don’t have time to use her songs in class, but on Youtube, CCHappyMom has a song for each week with hand motions that really help learn the locations!

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!  For 7s we hopped from one foot to the other and for 8s the boys and girls took turns singing the numbers, two numbers at a time



Before –push right hand out in front of you

Behind  – move hand straight back behind you

Below  – right hand in front of you, palm down

Beneath – right hand in same position, squat slightly, place left hand beneath right

Beside – bring both hands around to touch left hip


History- Motions: see this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MY7-YSW2NY

Latin– We worked on going around in a circle singing each sound one person at a time (while slapping the hand beside us).

Science– We added the following motions to last week’s motions:

Cell Wall: Forearms and hands up as if in a “stop sign”

Chloroplasts: Arms remain in place and hands open and close



They are doing such a wonderful job with their presentations!

SCIENCE- They greatly enjoyed learning about pollution and then seeing how it “disappears” as it

FINE ARTS- For abstract drawing they drew the “faces” on masks to resemble the ancient African ceremonial masks.   https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/

REVIEW-   Duck Duck Goose







Week 2 Recap

We had a much smoother week this week!  The kids did a great job participating and had lots of great questions during our science time.  Here is a run down of what we did in class.


Geography- Sing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  (Red Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Babylon), Find locations, Show me, tell me.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!

(3s) Take turns with shakers.

(4s) slapping our legs on beat


       About – arms out to sides palms up

       Above – point up with both hands above head

        Across  – bring hands in front of body and cross left over right

       After – throw hitchhiker thumbs back over shoulders

        Against – push palms out to the front as if pushing against something

History- We will be using our fingers to illustrate the commandments as we sing.

6- Use one finger to poke the other hand

7- use two fingers to walk down your left arm

8- Use your left hand to grab the three fingers on right and pull them.

9-hold up hand with 5 fingers, use other 4 to cover over mouth

10- use both hands and act like you’re grabbing at things.

Latin– Chant, “when I say ____ you say ____” .  Chant along with the song posted by *lelwalker


Animalia- pet arm

Plantae- use a finger like a growing plant

Fungi- thumbs up

Protista- hold up you hand to protest

Archaea- your left hand is at chest height (palm down) Your right hand will make a bubbling motion

Bacteria- washing hands


This week we worked on their volume and projecting their voices.


This week we learned the new scientific method song, to the tune of Happy Birthday.  For our experiment, We talked about spiders and how they sense vibrations.  We also talked about amazing bacteria and why fish go “belly-up” after they die.  🙂

FINE ARTS- We learned about mirror image and used our OiLS to complete and decorate a Greek vase.  I followed the tutorial found at:


This was a great project and she has more advanced vases if your kids would be interested in making a whole collections of vases 🙂

REVIEW-  Tutor, May I?

Week 1 in Review

First of all, all of the kids did an awesome job today!  I was so proud of their presentations and their enthusiasm in drawing with OiLS.  I am already looking forward to next week! Below is a rundown of what we did in class.


Geography- Find locations, Show me, tell me.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!

(1s) Stomp, Tiptoe, clap with a neighbor, etc.

(2s) Clap, bunny hop, etc.

English- chant definition of preposition-.  When you say “Preposition” you hit a new position and hold it till the end of the chant.  You can do it on a theme (Ie Baseball or dance), or just free style.

History- We will be using our fingers to illustrate the commandments as we sing.

1- Shake 1 finger back and forth for NO

2- Use 2 fingers and “draw” an image

3- Use 3 fingers and place them over your lips

4- Use both hands with 4 fingers to form a temple

5- Use all 5 fingers and do a salute

Latin– Chant, groups take turns going back and forth between boys and girls, whisper one set and shout the next set.

Science– Sing to song by nicoleliem on CC Connected, optional motions:

Domain- Extend both arms out straight and move them from the center of your body to your sides (like showing all you have in your domain)

Kingdom- Put crown on head

Phylum- Simulate fingers sorting across file drawer, like “filing” or “file ‘em” away

Class- Gesture to your class

Order- Fist on hand like gavel

Family- Hug self/represents family/love

Genus- Point to brain

Species-Sign language ‘N”


This week we worked on standing in front of and facing the class. – Your kids nailed it!  They did an amazing job.

*Next week we will talk  about their volume and projecting their voices.


This week we learned the new scientific method song, to the tune of Happy Birthday.  For our experiment, we dissected beans and looked at the various parts and their purposes.  We discovered that even beans are an amazing part of God’s creation!  Afterwards, we drew what we observed in our science journal.  I am using the notes from nicoleliem  on CC Connected.


Explain the elements of shape: OiLS.

Practice drawing them on paper.

Find them in the pictures on their name cards.

Then draw simple animals using these elements of shape.

*I used the Usborne Step by Step Drawing book.  It is a great resource for drawing at this age.  (No, I am not affiliated in any way with Usborne. )


This week we worked a puzzle of the world.  They got a puzzle piece for each piece of memory work they said.  Then they got to put it together piece by piece.




Presentation Ideas

Presentations should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length.  It is helpful for your child to prepare what they want to say a couple of days in advance,  then practice it a couple of times.   This year I will be working with your child on standing in front of the room, volume and projection, eye contact, posture, and confidence.

Here are 10 presentation ideas to get you started but feel free to choose other topics!

1- Tell about your and your family

2- Tell a Bible story (Use a Bible picture books, or act it out with props)

3-Tell about a family vacation (Bring a picture or Souvenir)

4- Recite a bible verse or tell about a missionary

5- Mystery Bag (Bring item in a bag and describe it. Have audience guess.)

6- Make us laugh (Tell a funny story or a couple of jokes)

7- Recite a poem or nursery rhyme.

8- Teach us how to do or make something

9- Choose a timeline card and tell us more about it

10- Biography- (Tell us about a famous person.)

Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

My name is Abbigale Cord and I am excited about another year of Classical Conversations and the opportunity to tutor your child!  My husband, Rob, and I have 4 kids and one on the way in January.  I majored in education at AU and taught for a couple of years before having kids.  This will be my family’s 4th year in CC and my 3rd year tutoring.  I not only love CC for the curriculum and community, but I also love spending time getting to know each child’s unique personality and God given gifts!

So, let’s jump into the details.  Each week, your child needs to bring a labeled snack and water bottle as well as their presentation. Keep in mind that we will only have 5 minutes to eat our snack, so keep it simple.  You, the parent, will need to bring your Foundation guide. Our schedule will generally proceed as follows:

9:30 Memory Work

10:00 Snack + Presentation

10:30 Science

11:00 Fine Arts

11:30 Review

The classroom rules are simple: 1. Obey; 2. Love your Neighbor.  I simply expect your child to do their best and participate each day.  Each week will have its challenges, it might be difficult words to learn, standing up in front of the class, drawing upside down, or just paying attention during the last thirty minutes. As the tutor I will encourage them and praise growth in hard areas.  I will also give firm reminders and gentle rebukes as needed.

If you a “room parent” for the day, I will have a list of tasks posted.  Some examples are: Taking up maps and markers, handing out snack, assisting during science and fine arts and helping fold up tables and chairs at the end of the day.  As a reminder,  please keep your cell phones put away to help us all remain focused and present.  Most importantly, I want your participation and engagement. If you will say/chant/sing the memory work with us, help me to supervise and keep children on task, and clean up materials as we go, the day should be smooth and easy.

My goal is to post my weekly plans with links to songs or motions on the web page to help you engage the memory work at home.  However, after January, I cannot make any promises! At the very least, I will send out an email with a re-cap.  Finally, please feel free to reach out and contact me at any time, with any concern or question.

Bringing my basket,

Abbigale Cord