Week #7: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 13s        animal sheet
Timeline Jesus the Messiah-touch middle finger to both palms, hands up

Year 1 AD

Pentecost and the Early Church- fire on your head

Persecution Spreads the Gospel-flat palm down on fist

Herod’s Temple Destroyed by Titus-fist staked on top of each other, the burn down

Diocletian Divides the Roman Empire- SL ‘D’ swing down, SL ‘R’ for Rome, over mouth (to show division of languages)

Constantine Legalizes Christianity-hold up your arm like a shield, turn it into a cross

India’s Gupta Dynasty-gather up all the empires, explode into one empire

History Sentence Hinduism- thumb and middle finger on each hand are touching, shaking motion

developed around 1500 BC-both hands, back and forth

and is known for karma,-SL ‘K’

reincarnation,- palm up flat Left, right palm on top. Slide Right palm off, stand on 2 fingers on top of flat left hand

and the caste system. –  draw lines in air

Buddhism: hands overlapping in front of your body with both palms up (as is familiar with the poses of statues of Buddha)

Founded in the sixth century BC, – 6 on hands

Buddhism teaches self-denial- point to your chest, then fist in downward motion

as the path to enlightenment. – hand up to head, jazz hands near head

Latin                           Singular        plural                3rd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -various      -es

Genitive                -is                -um

Dative                   -i                  -ibus

Accusative            -em              -es

Ablative                -e                 -ibus

English In – left hand makes cup, put puppet “in”

Inside & Into – copy in

Like – left hand on hip, right pointer finger up

Near –puppet leans in toward you

Science What are some ways animals reproduce?   Tune of Frere Jaques on CCC:ACarter85

Live birth-rock baby, Eggs-egg shape with hands


Budding-open hands like flower, slide one arm up

Geography Roman Empire   Poem by Italsness on CCC

Roman soldiers, boots are marching, Roman soldiers playing ball

Kick the ball to Hispania, toss it up to Gaul

Throw it up to Germania, please don’t let it fall!

Oops! I lost my ball in Alexandria, at the bottom of the Sea,

I followed the seashore to the left, Carthage is where it will be!

Fine Arts till 10:30

Introduce blankets- must stay on blanket while we are working on notes, parts, etc

Lap position, chin and mouth—Play Simon says with positions

What happens when we play out of turn?–we loose our whistle and get a pencil

Wore Wrist bands on left arm

Discussed cacophony-let them play 5 seconds

Parts of a tin whistle

Played first two measures of Twinkle, Twinkle

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Mystery Child’s name: Phen Drago

Science till 11:30

Nature Walk-let’s use our five senses to help us

Nature Four-In-a-Row

Review till 12:00

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