Week #6 Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 11s     animal sheets

Skip count the 12s

Timeline ….Alexander the Great….

India’s Mauryan Empire-arms out straight like a road

Mayans of Mesoamerica-square pyramid steps

Punic Wars-sway like you are being pulled by two people

Rome Conquers Greece-SL ‘R’ slam into palm, then SL ‘G’

Roman Dictator Julius Caesar-salute, and stab

Caesar Augustus and the Pax Romana, SL ‘C’ and peace sign turned into ‘R’

John the Baptist-stilt arms like you are dunking someone

History Sentence Tell me about some ancient Greeks.

Homer, a famous poet;-close your eyes and write

Pythagoras, a famous mathematician;-count on fingers

Socrates, a famous philosopher;-middle finger to forehead and away

And Archimedes, a famous inventor, -shaping clay into ball with hands

Shaped Western ideas.-point to both temples and move head back and forth

Ancient Greek city-states –two thumbs over shoulders

were among the first-one finger

democracies. –SL for democracy

Latin                           Singular         plural                2nd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -us               -i

Genitive                -i                 -orum

Dative                   -o                 -is

Accusative            -um              -os

Ablative                -o                 -is

English Down – point down to the ground

During – wavy hand up to the left

Except – slash in front of you

For – palm up

From – pull in puppet

Science What are the major groups of vertebrates? Old McDonald had a Farm






Geography Ancient Greece

Aegean Sea is a little teapot

Greece, Macedonia sit on top

Crete is the log floating in the sea

Rhodes is the island you can’t  see, make a dot!


Fine Arts till 10:30

Hot Air Balloons: small=choice, medium= mirror, large=abstract


Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Child’s name: WellsleyFavorite movie: Despicable Me

Favorite place to visit: Savannah

Funny story about them: Wellsley is very dramatic and full of expression! This always keeps us laughing and we never know what she is going to say or do!

Favorite thing about CC: Lunch

One way God made them special: Loves to laugh and always happy

Science till 11:30

Fooling Your Tongue #65 and Trickery #66

Question: Can we fool our five senses?

Research:  What are our five senses?

Hypothesis:  Can our sense of smell change the taste of our food?

Can we trick our eyes?

Experiment:  p.36

Analysis:  p.36

Conclusion: p.36




Review till 12:00

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