Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 6.

Latin (2nd Declension) – 2nd Declension Noun endings with a mnemonic device: hold up 2 fingers (2nd declension) – this is a platypUS with two webbed feet…snowboarding down the mountain  ->> kicks off the first sound “US.”  For the PLURAL, bring up the other hand…so we have two who are going to SKI (“-i) down the mountain – > to the tune “Dashing Through the Snow.” [also raced to put them in order using laminated noun endings]

Science (Major Groups of Vertebrates) – Sing to the tune: “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” beginning with -> “What are the Major Groups of Vertebrates, Vertebrates?   What are the Major Groups of Vertebrates, Vertebrates?  Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds….  These are the Major Groups of Vertebrates, Vertebrates.” >> We also used hand signs

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  Same as last week, removed one card with their eyes closed and they raced to guess the missing card.

History – Sang CC song several times while using hand signs: Homer (writing in palm), Pythagoras (draw box in air), Socrates (1 finger in air – great idea), and Archimedes (pounding fist like hammer into palm) & we made a “W” with our hands for “Western Ideas.”

English (Prepositions) – CC tune, using signs….   In – Like … plus reviewed All.

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – to get as many repetitions in, as possible.

Geography (Ancient Greece) – used a map I made to identify & label the locations – with a song set to “Happy Birthday to You.” >> “Ancient Greece Geography….Greece, Aegean Sea….Macedonia, Crete…..Rhodes, Ancient Greece” >> Then we located on CC maps.

Fine Arts – We discussed how this piece of artwork would include perspective, mirror imaging, and OILS.  Then did a lead/follow to draw the Taj Mahal.

Science (experiment) – We discussed how we are designed…nose (olfactory senses) and eyes (sending info to the brain to process)…and used lots of example pictures.

Presentations – Worked on not fidgeting.  Reviewed voice projection & making eye contact.

Review – we played BINGO.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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