Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 5.

Latin (2nd Declension) – 2nd Declension Noun endings with a mnemonic device: hold up 2 fingers (2nd declension) – this is a platypUS with two webbed feet…snowboarding down the mountain  ->> kicks off the first sound “US.”  For the PLURAL, bring up the other hand…so we have two who are going to SKI (“-i) down the mountain – > to the tune “Dashing Through the Snow.” [also raced to put them in order using laminated noun endings]

Science (Major Groups of Invertebrates) – Sing to the tune: “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush,” beginning with -> “the major groups of invertebrates…sponges, stinging cell animals…etc.”

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  Same as last week, removed one card with their eyes closed and they raced to guess the missing card.

History – Sang CC song several times while tossing squeezy balls back and forth…then quizzed them on the important points.

English (Prepositions) – CC tune, using signs….   Down – From… plus reviewed All.

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – to get as many repetitions in, as possible.  We split up into teams of four and raced to point at the correct answer on little squares of paper scattered between them on a table.

Geography (Egyptian Empire) – used signs in the air to review this – since everyone already knows where Egypt is located on the globe.

Fine Arts – We discussed multiple aspects of PERSPECTIVE – using art to illustrate.  Then did a lead/follow to draw an Egyptian scene.

Science (experiment) – We discussed pollution: liquid and plastic.

Presentations – Worked on not fidgeting.  Reviewed voice projection & making eye contact.

Review – we played four corners…  as Graer said, “I’m tired of sitting; I’m ready to move!”

Let me know if you have any questions.


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