Week #5: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 9s                                      animals number sheet, skittles

Skip count the 10s

Timeline …Buddha

Judah falls to Babylon, Temple Destroyed-SL  ‘J’ falls, fist on top then apart

Babylon Falls to Persia-rock arms for Babylon, arms apart

Jews Return and Rebuild the Temple-wiggle fingers in, fist on top of each other

Roman Republic-SL ‘R’, twist

Golden Age of Greece-point up

Peloponnesian Wars-sword fight

Persia Falls to Alexander the Great-SL ‘P’ fall, strong arms, SL ‘great’

History Sentence


Tell me about the Romans.

The Roman Republic– SL ‘R’, twist

became the Roman Empire-hands up like a building

when Augustus-make A with hands

was crowned emperor–put the A on your head like a crown

in 27 BC.-2 and 7 on hands, sway

This was followed-motions hand to follow you

by the Pax Romana. –peace sign into SL ‘R’

In AD 286, the empire divided into the western and eastern empires– use previous empire sign and split hands to your sides

until Germanic barbarians defeated the western empire in AD 476. – hands on hips, then hit right hand into left

Latin                           Singular         plural                2nd  DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -us               -i

Genitive                -i                 -orum

Dative                   -o                 -is

Accusative            -um              -os

Ablative                -o                 -is

English Beside…Between – point right finger between your eyes

Beyond – point out with right finger as if pointing to something beyond you

But – pull in

By – next to shoulder

Concerning –lean head slightly to the left as if pondering something, point to temple

Science What are the major groups of invertebrates?   Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    Sponges-wringing out                                           CCC: sarahrobertson

    Stinging-cell animals-hands down, flick fingers

Flatworms-arm flat

Roundworms-circle hands                    Motions on YouTube by Elizabeth Pearce

Segmented worms-chop hands

Mollusks-clam shell

Sea Stars-one hand, fingers spread

Arthropods-both hands, flicking fingers

Geography Egyptian Empire

Egypt is touching two seas,

     The Nile River is long as can be,

     If you want to eat supper, switch Lower and Upper

     Nile River Delta sweeps toward the sea

Fine Arts till 10:30-Change one dimensional shapes into 3 dimension shapes

Snack/Presentations till 11:00           Me: presentation on Ellie Gray

Science till 11:30

Oily Feather #60

Question: Did you know that birds have oil on their feathers? Why do                                 they have oil on their feathers? Do you think the bird needs the                     oil on his feathers?

Research:  Books lead them to think about what pollution would do                              to feathers, what about soap?

Hypothesis:  What do you think will happen to the oil in the water?

Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use?

Analysis:  read p.33

Conclusion: read p.33


Tangled #61

Question: Is it easy to untangle yourself without using your hands?

Research:  Books lead them to think how sea animals can become                        trapped

Hypothesis:  I think it is easy or hard to get untangles without hands.

Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use?

Analysis:  read p.34

Conclusion: read p.34


Review till 12:00

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