Week 5


Geography- Show me, tell me.

Egypt- Sign Language E on left hand, arm bent at elbow.

Nile River- Run finger along arm, Nile flows down through Africa

Upper/Lower Egypt- Point to lower arm and upper arm

Nile Delta- wiggle fingers on left hand

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.   Take 1 out and see if they can guess it.

Math- 9’s   Walk down a number line while singing (9, 18, 27, 36, 45 then turn around and go back)

10’s- Jumping Jacks, Giant Steps, Pencil Jumps


Between – point right finger between your eyes, left hand stays on hip

Beyond – point out with right finger as if pointing to something beyond you

But – stand up straight, straighten right palm out as if you are about to wave

By – turn right palm slightly in toward you to make it wave

Concerning – bring hands in to chest, clasped together and lean head slightly to the left as if pondering something

History- sang the song with motions

Latin– Presented our Latin lama story and remembering how the 2nd declension starts.  Also, we will work on pronouncing the endings correctly.


Sponges- prentend to wring out a sponge

Stinging cell animals- pointer finger into palm of other hand

Flat worms- flat hands

Round worms- hands in a circle

Segmented worms- chop hands in the air

Mollusks- pretend to swim

Sea Stars- jazz hands

Arthropods- hands together, wiggle fingers

Again, I used the tutorial from: https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/Taught about a horizon line and a vanishing point and then worked with them on drawing a Japanese Pagoda!

REVIEW-   4 Corners


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