Week #4: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00

Math Skip count the 7s

Skip count the 8s

You should have received an animal chart for these numbers

Timeline *1,000 BC

Early Native Americans-arm forms mound

Israel Divides into Two Kingdoms-cut air down the middle, 2 fingers

Homer and Hesiod-close eyes and write

Rome Founded by Romulus and Remus- push down, SL R with both hands

Israel Falls to Assyria-SL ‘I’ falls

Assyria Falls to Babylon-SL ‘A’ falls

Loa-Tzu, Confucius, Buddha-left hand up, right hand up, touch pointer and thumb

History Sentence Tell me about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are:

Pyramids of Giza-triangle with hands

Hanging Gardens of Babylon-hang arms down with bent elbow, swing

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-pull and shoot arrow

Statue of Zeus at Olympia-crown

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus-cross arm over chest

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria-frame face and turn

Colossus of Rhodes-pose with one arm up and one on hip

Latin                           Singular         plural                 1st DECLENSION NOUN ENDINGS

Nominative           -a                  -ae

Genitive                -ae                 -arum               Chart with skittles

Dative                   -ae                 -is

Accusative            -am               -as

Ablative                -a                  -is

English Before – face right hand toward you and flip it around away from you quickly

Behind  – puppet behind other hand

Below  – turn hand palm down, puppet below

Beneath – move hands down more

Beside – hand straight up, puppet beside

Science What are some parts of a plant cell?  The More We Get Together, CCC User Sarahrobertson

Nucleus-point to brain

Cytoplasm-circle arms down


Mitochondria-strong arms

Cell Membrane-circle

Cell wall-mime wall

Chloroplasts-pow hands

Golgi bodies-drive

Geography Hittite Empire- you should have gotten a map

Asia Minor wore a black hat

Hattusa was his nose

Cyprus was his belly button

Arabian Desert was his toes

Fine Arts till 10:30

Roll and Draw Abstract Art

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

I presented a mystery bag. It’s an easy presentation. Place an item in the bag. Tell 3 things about it and let the class guess what it is.

Science till 11:30

Pollution #62

     Question: How does pollution happen?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about factories, people, etc

Hypothesis:  Do you think we can get rid of pollution once it’s in our


Experiment:  What do you see that we are going to use? Color in

water, add water until can’t see the color

Analysis:  The food coloring was dark at first because the molecules

were close together and even though they got far enough

apart to become invisible we could still taste it in the


Conclusion: Even though pollution maybe spread out and hard to see

we can’t get rid of it completely. This affects animal life

far from the source of the pollution.


Review till 12:00–we played musical chairs

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