Weeks 3 and 4

Hey families,  I want to note that I present a lot of different motions for the various memory work.  Please understand that this is the way I get the information into my own brain and remember it in a pinch.  However, I also realize that not everyone learns kinesthetically.  Please feel free to encourage your child to leave off the motions if they are simply distracting or not helping them learn the material.  ~Abbi

Week 3:             


Geography- We sang the places to the tune of the B-I-B-L-E.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!  For fives we put our hands in the middle and shouted 75 as we threw them over our heads.  (Think team huddle) For sixes we we danced.


Along – right hand moves down left arm

Amid  – point down in front of you

Among – point fingers up with elbows bent at sides, swirl fingers around quickly twice

Around – still pointing up, make slightly larger circles with fingers going more slowly this time

At  – clap hands in front of chest

Atop – pat head with right hand, left hand on hip


History- Motions:

Zeus: Crown

Hera: Scepter

Ares: sign for war

Aphrodite: hug self, bat your eyes

Hermes: Pretend to run

Athena: hands in a book

Poseidon: making waves with hand.

Latin– I am using Latin Lama to help us remember how each declension begins.  On his first birthday he jumped UP (Uh is first sound) when he saw his present.

Science– Sang to the tune of Yankee Doodle

Nucleus- arms in a circle

Cytoplasm- point to eyes

Vacuole- Pretend to Vacume

Mitochondria- Show muscles

Cell Membrane- arms in circle, arms act like a gate

Golgi Bodies- pretending to drive



This week we worked on their volume and projecting their voices.

We practiced upside down drawing by drawing the Mayan glyph for chocolate. This was a challenge for most of the students but they had fantastic attitudes and I was proud of their final drawings! I followed the tutorial found at: https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/ 

REVIEW-   Musical Chairs

Week 4: 


Geography- Show me, tell me.

*I don’t have time to use her songs in class, but on Youtube, CCHappyMom has a song for each week with hand motions that really help learn the locations!

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!  For 7s we hopped from one foot to the other and for 8s the boys and girls took turns singing the numbers, two numbers at a time



Before –push right hand out in front of you

Behind  – move hand straight back behind you

Below  – right hand in front of you, palm down

Beneath – right hand in same position, squat slightly, place left hand beneath right

Beside – bring both hands around to touch left hip


History- Motions: see this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MY7-YSW2NY

Latin– We worked on going around in a circle singing each sound one person at a time (while slapping the hand beside us).

Science– We added the following motions to last week’s motions:

Cell Wall: Forearms and hands up as if in a “stop sign”

Chloroplasts: Arms remain in place and hands open and close



They are doing such a wonderful job with their presentations!

SCIENCE- They greatly enjoyed learning about pollution and then seeing how it “disappears” as it

FINE ARTS- For abstract drawing they drew the “faces” on masks to resemble the ancient African ceremonial masks.   https://www.insidethelineslessons.com/

REVIEW-   Duck Duck Goose







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