MS. Suzi – WK 4 Recap

Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 4.

Latin (1st Declension) – 1st Declension Noun endings with a mnemonic device: hold up 1 finger (1st declension) – and think “uh – I’ve had a brilliant new idea!”  ->> kicks off the first sound.  Use two fingers to point towards eyes for the Plural (plural is more than the one).  A mnemonic device to keep them straight.

Science (Plant Cell) – We chanted through these, with signs.  (Nucleus – hands together in front, cytoplasm – point towards eyes, mitochondria – flexing arm muscles, cell-membrane – hands acting like swinging gates or doors, golgi bodies – driving a steering wheel, & vacuole – pushing a vacuum, Cell wall – curved arms out in front, Chloroplasts – shooting guns (blasts ).

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  Same as last week, removed one card with their eyes closed and they raced to guess the missing card.

History – Sang CC song several times for 7 WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD…while coloring a sheet of all 7 for ~ 5 min.

English (Prepositions) – CC tune, using signs….   Below – Concerning… plus reviewed All.

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – to get as many repetitions in, as possible.  We split up into teams of four and raced to point at the correct answer on little squares of paper scattered between them on a table.

Geography (Hittite Empire) – located, chanted & pointed… then show me.

Fine Arts – We discussed what ABSTRACT drawing is (creating with emotions & feelings).  Then we drew simple artwork that we added lines, patterns, and colors to in order to create a “semi-abstract” piece.  These are in their art folders.

Science (experiment) – We discussed pollution: liquid and plastic.

Presentations – Worked on voice PROJECTION  this week….while continuing to make eye-contact with the audience members.

Review – We reviewed while finishing up our artwork.  No game

Competition – I have launched a new competition within our class.  It is a reward system based upon waking up & showing up: participation, well-prepared presentations, kindness to others, etc.

This week I gave them info about bringing in maps.

>>map re anywhere in the world = 2 stone

>>map re any C1 memory work = 4 stones

>>map about our most recent memory work that includes memory work labels = 6 stones

Let me know if you have any questions, particularly about this new competition.


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