Week 3: Taylor

New Grammar till 10:00 

Math used egg shakers to help us
Timeline Hinduism in India-draw caster lines

Phoenicians and the Alphabet- ABC SL

Olmecs of Mesoamerica-O in circle

Israelite Exodus and Desert Wandering- paint door, turn

Israelite Conquest and Judges-horn, hammer

Greek Dark Ages-cover face

Israel’s United Kingdom-3 fingers

History Sentence Tell me about the Greek and Roman gods

GREEK           ROMAN

Zeus                 Jupiter–crown

Hera                Juno—point to ring

Ares                 Mars—pull sword

Aphrodite        Venus—heart beat

Hermes            Mercury–run

Athena             Minerva—point to brain

Poseidon          Neptune–waves

Latin  Used a chart I found on CCC to help us learn these
English Along – puppet up arm

Amid  – point down in front of you

Among -point finger up small circle

Around – big circle over head

At  – rest puppet on your heart

Atop – on head

Science What are some parts of an animal cell?  Baa Baa Black Sheep  *modified but from

Nucleus                                                        Elizabeth Pearce on YouTube




Cell Membrane

Golgi bodies

Geography Hebrew Empire—Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes   Shelly Normand on YouTube




Sea of Galilee

Jordan River

Dead Sea

Science till 10:30

Blending #57

Question: How do animals protect themselves from predators?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about camouflage

          Hypothesis:  Do you think animal’s color can help to protect them?

          Experiment:  Outside-find pipe cleaner

          Analysis:  Was it easier to see the green or colored pipe cleaner?

Colors that look alike are harder to find. A white bunny is

hard to see when sitting in a field of snow and a green

snake would be hard to see in the grass.

          Conclusion: Color helps protect animals from predators.

 Ground Temperature #58

          Question: What can you tell me about the desert? How do animals live in the desert?

          Research:  Books lead them to think about burrows

          Hypothesis:  Why do you think animals in the desert dig burrows?

          Experiment:  Outside-observe temperatures

          Analysis:  The thermometer in the ground was cooler than the                                 thermometer on the grass. Ground temperature is cooler than surface temperture.

          Conclusion: Desert animals can burrow to stay cool.

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Fine Arts till 11:30

Bumble bee

Review till 12:00

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