Week 2: Taylor

Classical Conversations  Week: 2

New Grammar till 10:00

Timeline Seven Wonders of the Ancient World–7 with fingers

Patriarchs of Israel-SL for father

Hittites and Canaanites-swing a sword

Kush-pull back arrow

Assyrians–release arrow

Babylonians-rock a baby

China’s Shang Dynasty-bow

History Sentence Tell me about commandments 6-10.

Thou shalt…

6. not murder –use thumb and pull towards self

7. Not commit adultery –cross two fingers to show parents together

8.  not steal –grab three fingers

9. not bear false witness against thy neighbor   –cover face

10. not covet. –reach for things with graby hands

Latin I say, you say
Science What are the kingdoms of living things?

CCC user: deanne_615

English We use finger puppets so we are going most things with one hand

About – arm out to side

Above – point up with hand

Across  – bring hands in front of body

After – hand behind you

Against – push against puppet

Math Your child should have a number sheet in their bag to help review
Geography Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle

CCC User: kdhill02


Fine Arts till 10:30

Review OiLs

Mirror  Images: Greek Vases

Snack/Presentations till 11:00

Working on speaking loudly

Science till 11:30

Scientific Method song: BINGO by CCC user: WoodyFamily5

Review till 12:00

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