Ms. Suzi – WK 3 Recap

Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 3.

Latin (1st Declension) – Introduced the 1st Declension Noun endings with a mnemonic device: hold up 1 finger (1st declension) – and think “uh – I’ve had a brilliant new idea!”  ->> kicks off the first sound.  Use two fingers to point towards eyes for the Plural (plural is more than the one).  A mnemonic device to keep them straight.

Science (Animal Cell) – We chanted through these, with signs.  (Nucleus – hands together in front, cytoplasm – point towards eyes, mitochondria – flexing arm muscles, cell-membrane – hands acting like swinging gates or doors, golgi bodies – driving a steering wheel, & vacuole – pushing a vacuum).    The order is a little different:  Nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, cell membrane, golgi bodies, vacuole.

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  Same as last week, removed one card with their eyes closed and they raced to guess the missing card.

History – Sang CC song several times for GREEK ROMAN GODS…then raced in teams of two…to put them in the correct order.

English (Prepositions) – CC tune, using signs….   Among – Behind

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – to get as many repetitions in, as possible.  We split up the call/answer between different tables and myself/students.

Geography (Hebrew Empire) – located, chanted & pointed… then show me.

Fine Arts – We discussed why UPSIDE DOWN drawing is important to an artist (focusing on the details, not the preconceived picture in your head…also switching sides of the brain from creative to analytical).  Each person received a mystery picture in an envelope to slowly reveal as they drew it, upside-down.  It went well.  The art work was very good and is in their art folders.

Science (experiment) –

Discussed the desert habitat and burrows vs above ground.  Confirmed suspicions using the thermometers.

Discussed camouflage and how it might help an organism elude predators.  Reviewed pics of organisms from a variety of environments.

Presentations – Continued to work on EYE CONTACT this week.  Next week will be focusing on VOICE PROJECTION.  They did a great job.

Review – We played ROCKET (roll die/dry erase game) for several rounds.

Competition – I launched a new competition within our class.  It is a reward system based upon waking up & showing up: participation, well-prepared presentations, kindness to others, etc.  Yesterday, they all voted for Ella Cate to receive additional ‘stones’ because her presentation on the history of doughnuts included bringing doughnuts for everyone.  =)  Right now, it is a one-on-one thing I’m trialing but I can see doing team competitions this year.

Let me know if you have any questions, particularly about this new competition.


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