Ms. Suzi – WK 2 Recap

Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 2.

Latin (Noun Cases) – call/repeat singing to a cute tune.

Science (Kingdoms of Living Things) – We chanted through these.  I invited them to think up their own signs at home, if they needed them.  They aren’t really into using signs at this age, it appears.

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  No signs needed.  Same as last week, removed one card with their eyes closed and they raced to guess the missing card.

History – Sang CC song several times then sang the entire song, as well.

English (Prepositions) – CC tune, using signs (just me =), and learned About – Amid (2 extra).

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – to get as many repetitions in, as possible.  I introduced a sheet with all the equations that they marked as we said each time (first time, dot, then underline, then cross through, etc…until we erase on the last time through).  We split up the call/answer between different tables and myself/students. Only facts; no skip counting songs.

Geography (Assyrian Empire) – located, chanted & pointed… then show me.

Fine Arts – We discussed where MIRROR IMAGE is found in nature, then reviewed the meaning & artistic purpose of MIRROR IMAGE.  I gave them several options of images – including a Greek Urn and King Tut – and they picked, drew, then colored.  They all turned out really, really nice.  Your kids were incredibly complimentary of other kids in the class.  #verycool   Art is in the art folders.

Science (experiment) –

Discussed sound waves and how they work on piano & guitar strings…and how those same waves move in nature, on a spider’s web.  Everyone got to feel/determine the movement – and we discussed how this data was crucial to a spider’s survival.

Discussed the anatomy of a fish (skeletal/muscular structure vs organ placement), natural buoyancy, the air bladder & how it works.  Then discussed what happens when a fish dies…in nature, next steps…what their thoughts were on why that happens.  We discussed what else swells after death on the side of the road.

Both Science discussions got gruesome and involved discussions of animal death….and maybe vampires – with regards to how a spider treats their catch/kill. FYI

Presentations – Since we had all students with us for this class, we discussed presentations, in general: what they should be bringing, raising the bar on source of the preso, how an audience acts (respectfully to the presenter and to other audience members), and what skills the presenters can be working on this year.  **This week – EYE CONTACT.  They did a great job.

Review – We played cut-throat BINGO =) for 3 rounds then participated in the fire drill.


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