Ms. Suzi – Wk 1 Recap

Hi friends.  This is a recap of week 1.

Latin (Noun Cases) – call/repeat singing to a cute tune.

Science (Classification of Living Things) – Overarching Domain, then chopping down through the rest in the shape of a large inverted triangle and clapping on the final.                                                   >> Dooooomain, Kingdom, Phylum, class, order, family, genus, species….(clap)

Timeline – sang CC song – they all know this cold.  No signs needed.

History – Sang CC song several times and then raced to put 1-5 in order.

English (Preposition definition) – We sang to the “La Cu Caracha” tune.

Math (multiplication facts) – we repeated both lists, in order, very quickly – splitting up the call/answer between different tables and myself/students. Only facts; no skip counting.

Geography (Fertile Crescent) – located, chanted & pointed… then show me.  *One point, we chanted with Tigris River coming before Euphrates River, every-time, with the clue that Tigris begins with a “T” and Top begins with a “T” – and the Tigris River is on top, looking at the map.

Fine Arts – We reviewed OiLS, did a tutor-led drawing of a dog, then rolled dice to make ‘monsters’ using the elements of OiLS.

Science (experiment) – We discussed the bean…and the parts…and how it was designed by God.  We discussed Osmosis and Semi-permeability with the egg experiments.  They filled in their science books with sketches that were meaningful to them.

Review – We tossed a plushie globe back and forth…the person who received it had to answer the review question.  The person who answered got to determine the next person to receive the ball.

Done. =)

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