Week 2 Recap

We had a much smoother week this week!  The kids did a great job participating and had lots of great questions during our science time.  Here is a run down of what we did in class.


Geography- Sing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  (Red Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Babylon), Find locations, Show me, tell me.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!

(3s) Take turns with shakers.

(4s) slapping our legs on beat


       About – arms out to sides palms up

       Above – point up with both hands above head

        Across  – bring hands in front of body and cross left over right

       After – throw hitchhiker thumbs back over shoulders

        Against – push palms out to the front as if pushing against something

History- We will be using our fingers to illustrate the commandments as we sing.

6- Use one finger to poke the other hand

7- use two fingers to walk down your left arm

8- Use your left hand to grab the three fingers on right and pull them.

9-hold up hand with 5 fingers, use other 4 to cover over mouth

10- use both hands and act like you’re grabbing at things.

Latin– Chant, “when I say ____ you say ____” .  Chant along with the song posted by *lelwalker


Animalia- pet arm

Plantae- use a finger like a growing plant

Fungi- thumbs up

Protista- hold up you hand to protest

Archaea- your left hand is at chest height (palm down) Your right hand will make a bubbling motion

Bacteria- washing hands


This week we worked on their volume and projecting their voices.


This week we learned the new scientific method song, to the tune of Happy Birthday.  For our experiment, We talked about spiders and how they sense vibrations.  We also talked about amazing bacteria and why fish go “belly-up” after they die.  🙂

FINE ARTS- We learned about mirror image and used our OiLS to complete and decorate a Greek vase.  I followed the tutorial found at:


This was a great project and she has more advanced vases if your kids would be interested in making a whole collections of vases 🙂

REVIEW-  Tutor, May I?

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