Week 1

Hello All!

Week 1 was a blast! Your children are an absolute dream, and I hope they enjoyed our time together as much as I did!

Just a heads up for the year: I will be using official CC songs for: timeline, Latin, history, and math. Math songs did alter a good bit, and we will be working hard at learning these!

Our English preposition song is on our home page, and we are implementing most English songs campus wide this year to aid in transition to Essentials.

Occasionally, I will have an additional song, and I am happy to share if you are interested. Just send me a text and I will pass along. As a general rule, I will not send texts unless it is requested or urgent. However, I am always open to receiving texts from you with questions or concerns.

During week 1, I did use a Latin song I heard at practicum. (Let me know if you would like it.) We chanted science starting with hands up high and getting lower and lower while shrinking to the floor. We used the campus song for preposition definition.

We also had fun science journaling! If you ever need copies of science for a portfolio just let me know. Otherwise, anticipate all documentation to come home at the end of semester!

Looking forward to a great 2018-19!

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