Week 1 in Review

First of all, all of the kids did an awesome job today!  I was so proud of their presentations and their enthusiasm in drawing with OiLS.  I am already looking forward to next week! Below is a rundown of what we did in class.


Geography- Find locations, Show me, tell me.

Timeline- We will march the timeline after we have read through the cards and practiced singing it.

Math- Moving as we count!

(1s) Stomp, Tiptoe, clap with a neighbor, etc.

(2s) Clap, bunny hop, etc.

English- chant definition of preposition-.  When you say “Preposition” you hit a new position and hold it till the end of the chant.  You can do it on a theme (Ie Baseball or dance), or just free style.

History- We will be using our fingers to illustrate the commandments as we sing.

1- Shake 1 finger back and forth for NO

2- Use 2 fingers and “draw” an image

3- Use 3 fingers and place them over your lips

4- Use both hands with 4 fingers to form a temple

5- Use all 5 fingers and do a salute

Latin– Chant, groups take turns going back and forth between boys and girls, whisper one set and shout the next set.

Science– Sing to song by nicoleliem on CC Connected, optional motions:

Domain- Extend both arms out straight and move them from the center of your body to your sides (like showing all you have in your domain)

Kingdom- Put crown on head

Phylum- Simulate fingers sorting across file drawer, like “filing” or “file ‘em” away

Class- Gesture to your class

Order- Fist on hand like gavel

Family- Hug self/represents family/love

Genus- Point to brain

Species-Sign language ‘N”


This week we worked on standing in front of and facing the class. – Your kids nailed it!  They did an amazing job.

*Next week we will talk  about their volume and projecting their voices.


This week we learned the new scientific method song, to the tune of Happy Birthday.  For our experiment, we dissected beans and looked at the various parts and their purposes.  We discovered that even beans are an amazing part of God’s creation!  Afterwards, we drew what we observed in our science journal.  I am using the notes from nicoleliem  on CC Connected.


Explain the elements of shape: OiLS.

Practice drawing them on paper.

Find them in the pictures on their name cards.

Then draw simple animals using these elements of shape.

*I used the Usborne Step by Step Drawing book.  It is a great resource for drawing at this age.  (No, I am not affiliated in any way with Usborne. )


This week we worked a puzzle of the world.  They got a puzzle piece for each piece of memory work they said.  Then they got to put it together piece by piece.




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