Presentation Ideas

Presentations should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length.  It is helpful for your child to prepare what they want to say a couple of days in advance,  then practice it a couple of times.   This year I will be working with your child on standing in front of the room, volume and projection, eye contact, posture, and confidence.

Here are 10 presentation ideas to get you started but feel free to choose other topics!

1- Tell about your and your family

2- Tell a Bible story (Use a Bible picture books, or act it out with props)

3-Tell about a family vacation (Bring a picture or Souvenir)

4- Recite a bible verse or tell about a missionary

5- Mystery Bag (Bring item in a bag and describe it. Have audience guess.)

6- Make us laugh (Tell a funny story or a couple of jokes)

7- Recite a poem or nursery rhyme.

8- Teach us how to do or make something

9- Choose a timeline card and tell us more about it

10- Biography- (Tell us about a famous person.)

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