Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

My name is Abbigale Cord and I am excited about another year of Classical Conversations and the opportunity to tutor your child!  My husband, Rob, and I have 4 kids and one on the way in January.  I majored in education at AU and taught for a couple of years before having kids.  This will be my family’s 4th year in CC and my 3rd year tutoring.  I not only love CC for the curriculum and community, but I also love spending time getting to know each child’s unique personality and God given gifts!

So, let’s jump into the details.  Each week, your child needs to bring a labeled snack and water bottle as well as their presentation. Keep in mind that we will only have 5 minutes to eat our snack, so keep it simple.  You, the parent, will need to bring your Foundation guide. Our schedule will generally proceed as follows:

9:30 Memory Work

10:00 Snack + Presentation

10:30 Science

11:00 Fine Arts

11:30 Review

The classroom rules are simple: 1. Obey; 2. Love your Neighbor.  I simply expect your child to do their best and participate each day.  Each week will have its challenges, it might be difficult words to learn, standing up in front of the class, drawing upside down, or just paying attention during the last thirty minutes. As the tutor I will encourage them and praise growth in hard areas.  I will also give firm reminders and gentle rebukes as needed.

If you a “room parent” for the day, I will have a list of tasks posted.  Some examples are: Taking up maps and markers, handing out snack, assisting during science and fine arts and helping fold up tables and chairs at the end of the day.  As a reminder,  please keep your cell phones put away to help us all remain focused and present.  Most importantly, I want your participation and engagement. If you will say/chant/sing the memory work with us, help me to supervise and keep children on task, and clean up materials as we go, the day should be smooth and easy.

My goal is to post my weekly plans with links to songs or motions on the web page to help you engage the memory work at home.  However, after January, I cannot make any promises! At the very least, I will send out an email with a re-cap.  Finally, please feel free to reach out and contact me at any time, with any concern or question.

Bringing my basket,

Abbigale Cord



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