Presentations: Mrs. Jessica

The purpose of weekly presentations is to teach our children to be confident and articulate in public speaking. With that being said, preparation is key! Please do not wait until the night before, or the morning of to prepare. From personal experience, your child will be confident and articulate if they have had time to practice a few days in a row. For our family it works best if I incorporate presentation practice as part of our morning routine, after devotions, before all other school work begins (mainly so I don’t forget about it). Also, if they bring a “prop,” (a picture or toy) it is important that they practice (at home) holding the item in a way that does not distract them or the audience.

The presentation should be informative, but brief 2-3 min. Please coach your child to follow this format:

  • Introduction (Try using an Attention Grabbing Device, like a prop or a question. For example: Do you have a favorite roller coaster? I do! It’s called the Verbolten.)
  • 3 main points (About the topic)
  • Closing Statement (“Any questions?”, “Thank you for your attention!”, etc.)

Below is a list of suggested presentation topics for the year.

August 16 – The highlight(s) of my summer (bring pictures and/or souvenirs)
August 23National Roller Coaster Day Why do you like/dislike roller coasters? What is your experience (if any) with them? How many have you ridden and where? 
August 30 – What’s your favorite book? Why? Give at least 3 reasons you like the book
September 6 – Pick a Greek or Roman God and tell us at least 3 things about them
September 20National Pizza and Fried Rice Day Teach us how to make something in the kitchen. Ex: Pizza, Fried Rice, etc.
September 27 – Tell us a Bible story in your own words that took place in Ancient Egypt
October 4 – Pick a major group of vertebrates and tell us at least 3 things about it
October 11 – Pick at least 3 things to tell us about the Roman Empire
October 18 – Pick a New Grammar Subject from week 8 to present
November 1 – Bring something in a bag. Describe it to us and see if we can guess what it is.
November 8Why are you homeschooled? 3 reasons you like and/or dislike being homeschooled?
November 15 – How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?
January 10 – The highlight(s) of my Christmas break (bring pictures or souvenirs)
January 17 – Pick a New Grammar Subject from week 13 to present
January 24 – Bring something you made at home this week and tell us 3 things about it
January 31 – Pick a country in the Middle East and use to tell us about it, specifically how we can pray for that country
February 7 – Bring something in a bag. Describe it to us and see if we can guess what it is.
February 21 – Teach us how to do something: a dance, a craft, a game, etc.
February 28 – Pick one of the Mound Builders to present on (Adena, Hopewell, Mississippians)
March 7 – Tell us about an instrument and/or demonstrate if you play one
March 14 – PIck one of the 6 Classic Canadian Pies (Flapper, Maple, Sugar, Apple, Tourtiere, Pecan) and tell us about it (origin and how it’s made)
March 21 – National Fragrance Day  What is your favorite fragrance? Origin? Medicinal Purposes?
April 4 – National Burrito Day If you could make your own burrito what would be in it? Sweet or Savory? Hard or Soft Shell? What would you call your burrito?
April 11 – Tell us at least 3 things you’re looking forward to about Summer break

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