Parent Welcome Letter: Mrs. Jessica

August 12, 2018

Dear CC Parents,

 My name is Jessica Dunagan. I moved to the Upstate in 1998 from Southern California to attend college at Clemson University. I majored in Graphic Design and worked for a few years in the field before becoming a full-time Mom/Homemaker. My husband, Chris, and I have 3 daring boys and 1 determined girl. I never dreamed I would homeschool, but I have really enjoyed gaining a second education alongside my kids!

 Here is a sample schedule of what our morning will typically look like each week:

9:15–9:30 Opening Assembly

9:30 New Grammar (History/Timeline, Geography, Science, Math, Latin, English Grammar)

10:00 Snack/Presentations 

10:30 Science Experiments: taken from 201 Awesome Experiments and the Foundations Guide

11:00 Fine Arts: Drawing, Tin Whistle, Great Artists, Orchestra and Composers

11:30 Review Games: review facts from the past 6 weeks, plus the current week’s work

(Timeline, Geography, History, Latin, English Grammar, Science, Math)


Room Moms

As a Room Mom here are some ways you can assist me in class:

  1. Collect snacks in the snack basket at the beginning of class.  
  2. After new grammar set out student’s waters and snacks for the students.
  3. Collect maps and writing utensils following geography.
  4. Assist in science experiments and the fine arts portions of our class.
  5. Towards the end of class help with final clean-up and return the supply caddie to the closet upstairs.
  6. If a child is unsettled and not responding to correction, please sit next to the child and gently remind him/her to pay attention.  If problem persists I may ask you to find his or her Mom.

 Classroom Clean-Up

 Here is a list of things that need to be completed at the end of each class: empty trash, wipe tables, vacuum floor if needed, put away supplies, and replace furniture or anything else that was moved.

 Come well rested and well fed! I am so excited to get to know you and your family and to join you in learning what God has to teach us!

What is expected of parents

  • I recommend you bring your Foundations Guide to class so you can follow along with the material and take note of teaching methods you’d like to use at home. Many parents often use their phone to record activities or songs  as well.
  • My role as tutor is more to partner with you in teaching your children new grammar than it is to teach your children. With that being said, you are welcome to sit beside your child, sing along with them, help them locate places on the map, etc.
  • Please take conversations with other Moms outside the classroom.
  • If you have an issue with someone, please approach that person before going to anyone else, including Britney or I.
  • Please refrain from gossip, unkind and belittling speech, and divisiveness.
  • Should conflict arise I encourage you to submit to the Matthew 18 model.


Super stoked,

 Mrs. Jessica



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