Parent Letter

Welcome to 2018!

Dear Parents,

Hello! My name is Kendra Throckmorton, and I am honored to serve as your child’s tutor this year in Classical Conversations. My husband’s name is Dan, and we have two children: Nash (11) and Layla (8). We commute from Hartwell, Georgia, and we are thankful to join this sweet community each Thursday! This campus has truly blessed our family, and we are grateful for the opportunity to attend and serve.

After years of teaching in the public education system, the Classical model’s pursuit of Christ’s beauty, wisdom, and truth is refreshing! During this year, I will work to equip you to review memory work at home, and I will rely on your support. As a parent, YOU are the most important, lifelong teacher for your child, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to getting to know your family this year! Also, be sure to check out the campus website at ​​ !

Here is some additional information:

Class Schedule:

9:30- New Memory Work

10:00- Snack and Presentations

10:30- Fine Arts

11:00- Science

11:30- Review

* Flexible scheduling for special activities or materials sharing

Room Parents:​ There will be two each week! Ways you can help:

Snack Time​: ​Each child should bring a labeled water bottle for snack each week​. Room parents will pass out snacks, water bottles, and help with clean up.

Memory Work, Science, Fine Arts, and Geography:​ Participate in song and chants! Help pass out materials, assist, and help with clean up.

End of Class​: Help put away materials in closet, take out trash, wipe tables, vacuum, and replace furniture to original location. Students may assist in clean up, but they may not enter the storage closet.

Discipline​: Please encourage children to stay on task, and model respect by showing the love of Jesus!

Prayer​: Join me in prayer for these precious students along with our CC community.


Please practice weekly! The end goal is 2-3 minutes. Encourage an introduction (Hello, my name is…. Hello, today I will tell you about….) and a closing statement (Any questions?). Make it fun and even practice in the car!

We will work on the skills of: standing in front of class, using eye contact, projection, posture, articulation, and organization.​ P​resentation topics are free choice!​ But here are a few ideas:

• My family (siblings, pets, etc.) ​I am sending home an optional flyer you could use!

• The highlight of my summer (or any break/ trip/ etc.)

• Three of my favorite things

• What I want to be when I grow up ​

I am super exctied to learn with you this year!

Kendra Throckmorton


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