Weekly Update for Week 22 March 21st

Hi everyone, I am looking forward to Thursday! So sad to miss last week, but I heard it was a great day! Thanks to all of you for making things go well each week!

Visitors– We will have at least one family visiting this week with us. Please help me welcome them to our community!
End of the Year Celebration– I am still looking for a date that will work for End of the Year Celebration. Please let me know if anyone has a conflict with having it on Monday, April 22nd at 6:00. 
Essentials FOH papers- Please have these papers to Bekky by April 4th if you would like them included in the yearly booklet.
Memory Master– Please let me know if your child or children plan to try for memory master so I can begin planning for tutor and director proofing. So far I have Meri Drake, Charlie, Eddie, Caleigh Jean, Norah, Gabrielle, and Clint. 
You can parent proof according to the schedule and please go ahead and ask one of our 7 tutors to tutor proof your child. A tutor can not conduct more than 2 proofs at this time. After you have that proof scheduled please let me know so I can estimate when our director proof needs to take place. 
Memory Master Schedule 
We are fast approaching memory master proofing. Here is the schedule we will follow. Please remember the parent proof and tutor proof need to be about a week apart. Please let me know if you have questions about scheduling.
Parent Proof between week 22 and 23 so between March 21st and April 4th (We have a break March 28th so this builds in a little extra time if needed)
Tutor proof between Week 23 and week 24 so between April 4th and April 11th
After students pass the tutor proof we will schedule the director proof depending on when the tutor proof was passed. Happy Memory Mastering!
Registration– If you plan to attend CC next year and you haven’t let me know you plan to register please do so as soon as possible. Registration fee is due by April 4th.
June 20th– Supply Fee
July 20th– Tuition
Orientation– Facility Fee Due
Standardized Testing– Here is the information for the testing that will be held at North Anderson Baptist
The link is now active:
Testing dates are Monday and Tuesday, May 6th and 7th from 9 am -1 pm at North Anderson Baptist Church.
Late registration fees will apply beginning April 8th and Registration will close on April 15th, so please register as soon as possible to avoid the late fees.
We are again offering the CTP5/ERB5 – upgraded from the CTP4.
Grades 3rd -12th will be available.
The test is $62, however there is a discount if you are a member of HSLDA, so be sure to put your membership number in during the checkout process.
Standardized Testing– Here is a NEW link for the testing I gave you information about last week.
This Week , March 21st 
Opening: Davis
Bless: need someone???
Follow Up Schedule for the End of the Year
March 21st: Vogenitz, Wilson, Timmons
April 4th: Koblyka, Cord, Bass
April 11th: Drago, Thames, Hansborough 
NO CC next week the 28th! It is our spring break! 
Hope to see you all on Thursday! Britney