Weekly Update for Week 12/ November 15th

Week 12 here we come! Thanks for a great semester to everyone! I am looking forward to finishing strong on Thursday!
Challenge A– Remember to let Sarah Ortiz know if you want to visit Challenge the week after Thanksgiving to see all the amazing things they are doing and to see where your children are headed in the future!
Essentials Afternoon Childcare Class– We will end our semester with a movie and a special snack. Please let me know any suggestions you have for a movie and if you have a copy of that movie that would be wonderful! 
Would anyone be willing to send in a special drink for this group? I have a special snack coming!
Nursery/Preschool/Afternoon Childcare– I was going to pick up a small gift for our workers for both the morning and afternoon that help us with childcare. My goal is to spend about $10 on each worker that works one shift and $15 on our two workers that work both shifts. So a total of $60. If each family that has a child in either morning or afternoon care could give $3 this would help cover the cost. No worries if you would not like to participate. If you would like to please let me know and I will collect money on Thursday.
Christmas Party– Our Christmas party is December 13th. Please let Kelly Wilson know if you will not be there.
Follow Up Duty: Is there anyone who can help Kendra and Megan with follow-up duty this week? Thanks in advance! 
We will return to CC on January 10th for our second semester!
This Week November 15th
Opening and Bless: Hansborough
Follow Up Duty: Throckmorton and Dault