Weekly Update for Week 14 January 17th

Hello Everyone, I am excited for Week 14 with all of you! We have some fun experiments and a memorable art project.

Hot Lunch– If you are interested in hot lunch make sure to check your email from Meredith Johnson and send in your order. Please bring exact cash to place in the envelope.
Morning and Afternoon Childcare– If you have a child in morning nursery or preschool please bring $125 cash per child by this week, January 17th. 
If you have a child in afternoon childcare it is $50 per child for the semester this week, January 17th.
Please place your money in the envelope either marked Foundations or Essentials childcare and if possible bring small bills. 
If you need to pay monthly or for the first 6 weeks please let me know.
Room Parents: I need someone in Kassie’s and Abbi’s room for room parent this week
Open House and Informational Meetings– We will host two Open Houses in February on the 7th and the 28th. I will host informational meetings on February 5th at my house from 6 to 8 and on February 26th from 1 to 3. I have printed invitations that I would love to send to anyone you know who is interested in CC so we can share our community with them!
This week, January 17th
Opening: none… Anyone want to sign up???
Bless Capstone: Holliday
Follow Up: Cruce, Taylor, ????? Need one more
Next Week, January 24th
Opening: Wilson
Bless: none
Follow Up: Cruce, Thames, ???? Need one more
I hope to see you all this week! Britney